lumbering into the 21st century finally!

Hello Dear Readers! I’ve enjoyed meeting many of you during school visits and so many of you have SOOO ENTHUSIASTICALLY told me that you want to be authors. So I thought it would be fun to start this blog to show you all the stuff you have to do when you’re an author. If you want the real scoop on how a book is made, this is the place!

As you’re starting a new school year, I’m starting a new ALVIN HO book! I have no idea yet what Alvin’s going to do in Book 6, the only thing I know is that Alvin and his family are going on a trip far, far away. And because they’re going on a trip, I have to go too! As an author, you have to get there first so that you can get the all the scenery and facts right in the story.

The place that Alvin is going to needs a special permit called a visa. So today I got up earlier than usual and hopped on a bus into New York City. When I got to the consulate where I was to get my visa, I was only the FIFTH person in line on the sidewalk. Wow! Count ‘em, just five! I was super-duper excited! I’m never early, so being early made me feel AWAKE and AHEAD OF THE GAME! Then I started feeling outright SUPERIOR because just then the line formed rapidly in back of me and stretched down the block like at a rock concert!

BUT … when the guard started to check our papers to let us in, he said that I didn’t have the right application. I had downloaded the wrong page. So he sent me away! — in front of the long line of people that I had just been feeling so superior over. He said I would have to come back and wait again — at the end of the line of a hundred people, at least! Oooh, I was SOOOO MAD!

And here is where he sent me:

By Bill

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